Night Rider Hand Made Cowboy Hat


Hand Made in the USA.

High Quality Straw woven by hand

3 Solid steel skulls on a genuine leather band

Steel Spikes on the brim and Crown

Water Resistant even in the rain

Durable (hold it’s shape)

3 1/2″ shapeable Brim

4 3/8″ crown

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Handmade in the USA. This nice looking cowboy hat is both stylish and waterproof. Made from high quality straw hand woven. Decorated with a solid steel skull Concho (pendant) in the center front and a smaller skull on each side. The steel spikes on the outside brim complement the look. Your hat will hold up to rain and other weather elements because a heavy coat of DuPont Teflon waterproofing is sprayed onĀ  the hat before it is released for shipping.

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Hand Made Cowboy Hat Size

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