April Star Hand Woven Cowboy Hat


100% hand woven straw cowboy hat

Specially coated to prevent you from direct UV Rays

Elastic sweat band allows a one size fits most design

Head size from 20 5/8″ to 23 7/8″ or hat size 6 3/4 to 7 5/8

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April Star Hand Woven Cowboy Hat

Our hats are 100% hand woven and are easily shaped for that natural cowboy look. Each hat from our Desperado collection holds it’s own unique design and style making it easy for you to find that awesome look that you definitely deserve.

An elastic sweat band allows for a perfect one size fits most design.

Protect Yourself

It has been proven that long-term unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV radiation causes prematurely aged skin, wrinkles, increases the risk of cataracts and is responsible for the vast majority of skin cancers.

Skin cancer is one of the most common of all cancer types and wearing long-brimmed hats is one of the best things yourself and your family from harmful UV rays.

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